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Christmas – Part One

The reason this post is called “Christmas – Part One” is because Part Two is happening tomorrow when two very vital members of our family join us for the first time has an engaged couple. But the younger de Jager siblings and mom and dad, has a fantastic Christmas –

Yachting / Tomorrowland Promo Video – Life Before Work Travel

In early 2012 I was lucky enough to start working for Life Before Work. I quickly realized that I had struck gold becoming involved with a company that is full of people that are making their dreams realities and bringing like-minded people along for the ride. Through the years, I

Highlight Snapshots From Launch!

I want to give the biggest thank you to everyone that came and supported me at the Launch Party! This photographer could no be happier to have spent time with all these smiling faces!  

“You’re Off to Great Places, Today is Your Day. Your Mountain is Waiting, So Get On Your Way!”

If you change “Mountain” to Sand dune, then this quote describes my first morning in Swakopmund!! After a 36 hour travel day, one night of red wine and family, and a quick flight to Walvis Baai, we have reached Namibia! Flights were good, we even spent about 2 hours in

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