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Certainty vs Uncertainty

There was not a lot of uncertainty in my life growing up. I am very fortunate to be able to say that. Which makes today’s thought even harder for me to perceive. Brandon WUSC has three new students coming over from South Sudan and Yemen today. They are part of

soldier’s home

2016 wasn’t suppose to start out this way. I had a plan. Work hard, finish my CSC Exams, make my team proud, grow our business, buy a house, get a dog, and travel back to Africa to spend my 24th birthday with my Oupa on 91st birthday. WEEK ONE For

Compulsive Outfit Planning – (uk, nam, za)

The couple weeks (okay, months) before a trip, I start trying to micro manage everything about my travels. I am heading off to the UK for four days, before I make my way south and spend some time in Namibia and South Africa. Since my schedule is pretty set in

Bangkok, babe, I’ve missed you.

It’s been three years, but Bangkok hasn’t changed a bit, and for that I am thankful. After 24 hours in transit, that first bucket from Golfs Bar on Khoa San Road tasted like heaven. A couple buckets later and with the help of some new found friends, Bangkok did a

Red & White

Nothing made me more proud then putting on my red and white this morning to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The excitement over Sochi 2014 didn’t fully hit me until the announcers said that it would start in “a dozen minutes” (even though I knew it was only

The Local Coffee Bar

New coffee shops are popping up all over Saskatoon and slowly I am trying out each one. Today at noon, I stopped into “The Local Coffee Bar” on 3rd Street, to meet one of my best friends for lunch and coffee. “The Local” is located right in the middle of

My Own Winter Inspirations

It is a little late I know, but I thought better late than never! Here are some photographs that I took in Panorama, BC over the Christmas holidays! A little bit of a look into the Christmas traditions that I share with my family. Please feel free to share and

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