Studio Night #1

Tonight I sat down at my “studio” for the first time. Since I bought my house, I knew it was a safe haven for creative practice, however my inspiration took a year to find me. The studio I had in mind at first was a brightly lit, white room that I could paint in. Fast forward a year and I couldn’t be happier sitting at an old work bench (left at the house from the previous owner), on a chair from a thrift store, in the corner of my laundry room, with enough coins and silver to keep me busy all summer.

Tonight was night one. I laid out all my tools, my coins, and my silver. I clicked on this weeks Discovery Playlist from my Spotify and a song I’ve never heard before started. “This Beautiful Life” by Colony House filled my studio as I started cutting into my new slab of silver. This is the beginning of a beautiful thing. This is what my creative soul has been craving for for years.

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