December 2016 Clothing Drive

In the summer, I started working for Hardpressed Print Studio. Hardpressed is on 20th Street in Saskatoon, which for many years prior to about 6 years ago, wasn’t a street that many people were willing to venture onto. However with the help of business like Hardpressed, Collective Coffee, Odd Couple, and really the whole Two Twenty Community, Riversdale has been thriving.

However, the fact that our city is effected by poverty and hardship is still clear. Working in Riversdale opened my eyes to the variety of walks of life we have in Saskatoon. It doesn’t hide the problems that many people still face, but it doesn’t sit by idly either. It has allowed me to be part of a community that is constantly donating, caring for, and opening their doors to people in need. Seeing the great work that was happening in the area and realizing yet again how fortunate I am to be able to live the life I do, I decided it was time to do what I could to help.

Since I work in the clothing industry, it made sense to me that I would start a clothing drive. The Saskatoon Food Bank  has their Clothing Depot right around the corner from Hardpressed, on Avenue B. I wanted to do something for the people that live in the community that I have fallen in love with.


I started mentioning my plan to a few of my co-workers, friends and family, and soon realized that there were a lot of people that were behind the idea and who were happy to help. As soon as I posted my flyer, I received instant positive feedback.

More people than I could ever name were kind enough to help me in donating 14 Barrels worth of clothing to the Clothing Depot. I filled my car up multiple times with bags of clothing, books, hygiene products, and toys. The smiles on the ladies working at the Depot were enough to warm me up through some of the colder days we had recently.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to go through their things, and where able to donate what they didn’t need anymore. With your help, we were able to bring some smiles, spread some cheer and warmth, and inspire me to keep taking donations, as long as people are willing to give them.

My goal was 20 barrels, we hit 14, which is still pretty damn amazing. So my pledge is this: If anyone has clothing, books, toys, hygiene products, or household products, I will be continuing to collect donations and donate them to the Clothing Depot. It makes my morning to quickly drop off a bag before my shift, so I am happy to keep doing it. Please reach out to me for pick ups or drop offs throughout the year.

THANK YOU SO MUCH. You have no idea how happy your donations made me and the patrons of the Clothing Depot.

Check out this small video, documenting all of the lovely donations I received: December 2016 Clothing Drive


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