Compulsive Outfit Planning – (uk, nam, za)

The couple weeks (okay, months) before a trip, I start trying to micro manage everything about my travels. I am heading off to the UK for four days, before I make my way south and spend some time in Namibia and South Africa. Since my schedule is pretty set in stone and I wasn’t able to start planning it day by day, I decided that I would do that with the outfits and clothes that I would take on this trip. I thought that by doing this, I would look well-put together and potentially be able to pack lighter considering I was leaving all the necessary “maybes” or “in cases”.So I turned to one of my dearest friends, Pinterest, and here is what I came up with.


First Stop: England

I was told to bring “day clothes” and “going out clothes” but was not given a lot to work with. I also knew I would be attending a BBQ in Oxford. My first thought was, WWKMW (What Would Kate Middleton Wear), and I freaked out momentarily, thinking that I was going to be the only one at this BBQ NOT wearing one of those fancy head pieces. But, Pinterest set me straight with some very cute outfits. So this is my perception of what to wear in London, regardless of how stereotypical it must be. (TIP: I brought a fairly large carry-on, so all my outfits I have for the UK are in there, just incase something happens.)


Next Stop: Namibia

When spending time in Swakopmund, which has quite a great bar scene, I do try to look good. Most of the bars are German pubs, which is my kind of night out and only means that I can dress cute and comfy. For the days that are spend driving and tracking, I also like to look as good as possible for all the incredible photo opportunities that are all over the place. Its good to find items that do not show dirt easily, and that you wouldn’t mind maybe where a couple days in a row! Also, this time of the year can be a little chilly in Namibia, so I kept that in mind.

Next Stop: Pretoria, South Africa

People in Pretoria are very fashionable, more on the formal side, as opposed to the more hipster style that you find in Cape Town. While I am in Pretoria, I am usually heading out with my Ouma, and going for wine with friends. So I wanted outfits, similar to what I was wearing in London, but warmer, because Pretoria gets quite cold in the winters.

Next Stop: Oppikoppi

I am beyond excited to go to one of the biggest music festivals in South Africa, OPPIKOPPI!!  I’ve been hearing about it for years, and this year I was finally able to find a way and make it happen! From what I have heard and read, this festival is hot during the day and then turns freezing at night. So I looked into outfits worthy for a music festival, but also comfortable, practical and warm.

Last Stop: Paarl, South Africa

Located just outside Cape Town, Paarl is absolutely beautiful. It is right in the middle of all the vineyards that you find in Southern Africa. But this time of year (July), it is quite rainy. Good thing I love rain. I will be spending my rainy Paarl days with my grandparents, trying different bottles of wine everyday and enjoying each other company , so I wanted to be as warm and comfy as possible.

I am writing this from the Toronto Airport, my bags checked in. Stay tuned, to see how I did with my new system of packing.


Margs xoxox


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