Full Moon Party Warm Up…A Pilgrimage Really

The days leading up to the legendary Full Moon Party are truly something amazing to experience. It’s as if Koh Phangan serves as a Mecca for the young, the beautiful, and the adventurous. People come from all over the world, once a month, to meet up for the famous Full Moon Party. Everyday getting closer to the party, Haadrin gets more populated. The beaches full up, the bars get busier and the vibe seems to grow better and better by the hour.

The people are all friendly and kind, and ready to have a good time. Chris and I were lucky enough to run into my boss from Life Before Work, who invited us to join LBW for their yacht for the day. What an INCREDIBLE experience. We met up with Meags and Kesh, grabbed drinks and quickly joined the dance party, considering the DJ was super rad. It was awesome to get to know some of the current LBW travellers. It’s truly amazing to know that people from all over the world, all with different backgrounds and stories, can come together and share such an amazing time together. The yacht took us to a private bay where we proceeded to jump off the top of the yacht into the water, absolutely amazing, such a rush. No yacht party is ever complete without champagne showers, which is exactly how we ended the day. What a crazy day. Words cannot do this day on the yacht justice. Private Yacht, with some of the best people I have ever met, on the coast of my favourite Thai island.

Thank you so much LBW for making this day possible. Brady, you are a legend.

As the island continues to grow with people, I can’t wait for tomorrow night for thousands of

people to come together for beaches, beers, buckets and what is bound to be an incredible Full Moon Party! The vibes over here in the promised land of Thai are growing better and better, and this pilgrimage was so worth it.

Margs. Xx

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