st. valentine is my homeboy.

Valentines day has gotten quite the bad reputation. If you’re in a relationship, it is associated with pressure. If you are not in a relationship, you call it “single awareness day”. I have been there, on the pressure side and on the singles awareness side. I have both loved and hated this Hallmark holiday, sometimes both at the same time. But I think it time to consider the fact that perhaps Valentines day isn’t just about finding having a Valentine, getting roses and chocolates and posting it on Instagram. Maybe Valentines day can simply be just about love. Love for your significant other, love for you pet, love for your roommate, love for your family, and I believe, it should most importantly be about love for yourself. Valentines day should not be about hating on love, but embracing it in any way, shape or form. Do you love Netflix? Lovely, throw on some Mad Men. Do you love drinking and your friends? Wonderful go have a few with some friends. Do you love yourself? This is the best one, because if you don’t have someone in particular you want to show your love to, treat yourself. The fun part is you will get exactly what you want. Take a night to yourself doing everything and anything that you want.


With the Olympics this year having brought so much attention to the Anti-Gay Laws that are being practiced in Russia and in other parts of the world, I also think its important for people to realize that all love, is the same love. Love between any two people is equal love. I hope in my lifetime that it will not be called “gay marriage” but simply marriage, and that gay rights will simply be human rights . That people no matter their sexuality will not have to “come out” but will feel free to love who they want without any kind of justification. Love is love and I am embracing the hell out of that this Valentines day.


I love Pinterest, obviously, so I here are some of my favourite images and inspirations on love, all kinds of love. None of these pictures are my own, but I love them, and I hope enjoy them as well.


I hope everyone also receives love this Valentines day, and it still counts if it’s just self love!

Thanks for reading,


Margs xx

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