Red & White

Nothing made me more proud then putting on my red and white this morning to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The excitement over Sochi 2014 didn’t fully hit me until the announcers said that it would start in “a dozen minutes” (even though I knew it was only 12 minutes), I still felt it was too long to wait.

I moved to Canada from South Africa in 1997 and still hold dual citizenship. I do not think there are enough words in any language to describe how unbelievably thankful and fortunate I am to have parents that worked as hard as they did to get me and my family Canadian Citizenship. I don’t want to take away how strong my roots still lie in South Africa, but use this blog post simply to express how I feel about being a Canadian Citizen.

Wearing the red and white gives me a sense of pride. I wear the red and white with pride because of what it stands for. Above all, to me it stands for peace; peace in our country and peace that we bring to the world. Canada stands for freedom; freedom of expression, speech, sexuality, religion, culture and individuality. Canada stands for acceptance, not only allowing these freedoms but accepting them and therefore allowing people to thrive on their own terms. Seeing the Canadian flag makes me thankful. Thankful that the citizens of Canada accepted me and my family as their own. Thankful that I can say I have dual citizenship, identify as a South-African-Canadian, and that that is okay. Canada is a symbol of a better life for a lot of people and therefore a symbol of hope. I will never take for granted the sense of being “safe” in Canada, as I am forever grateful for the peace of mind. Canada is a symbol of cultures coming together and creating one super awesome identity. Being a Canadian is laughing at ourselves, because we do say “eh” and I really love maple syrup. I am extremely lucky to be part of such an amazing group of people.

So I guess this is as much a thank you note as it is a statement of pride. Thank you Canada for everything. Thank you for giving us all something to believe in, to be proud of and to cheer for. Molson sure isn’t my favourite beer, but it tastes pretty damn good when I am cheers’ing to Canada.

So good luck to all the athletes competing in the olympics, but especially those from Canada. You have a whole country of pride behind you. I hope everyone enjoys the Olympics as much as I do!
Margs xx
I love this video to show how great Canadians are!!
There’s also this….

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