The Local Coffee Bar

New coffee shops are popping up all over Saskatoon and slowly I am trying out each one.

Today at noon, I stopped into “The Local Coffee Bar” on 3rd Street, to meet one of my best friends for lunch and coffee. “The Local” is located right in the middle of Saskatoon’s growing downtown community. I walked in and was immediately welcomed by the friendly staff. As I found a seat, aromas of fresh coffee and baking surrounded me, followed by hints of cinnamon. The decor is simple but beautiful, minimalism at it’s finest. The coffee bar where I placed my order is open and inviting. The lighting in “The Local” is probably one of my favourite parts of the shop, with a rustic, “cabin in the woods” like feel. The music was loud enough to hear, with an indie theme (Just For Now by Cloud Control was playing).

I ordered the Curry Chicken Soup and it was exactly what I needed on this bitter cold day and I would definitely order it again. With the soup and my 12 ounce fresh made cappuccino, I was set. My friend Toni, ordered the Brie and Pear Sandwich and a Latte, which got great reviews from her as well. The coffees were brought to our table and the food quickly followed. The staff working checked up on us to make sure that everything was perfect. Although I did not use it, “The Local” also offers free wifi, which means I might have to make it a new study spot in the future.

I love supporting local businesses in Saskatoon (especially when they make it this easy to love), as well as businesses that use Canadian sourced products. I was told that all the coffee served at “The Local” was from BC and all the baking and food prep was done in store, or catered from local bakers. I give “The Local” props for only being opening for two weeks and already have a good following on Instagram, as they post pictures daily. They also have very accommodating hours for a coffee-house, which many other coffee shops in downtown Saskatoon lack.

As with everything on my blog, I don’t write negative reviews, so I wouldn’t have written this if I felt any other way. I was in fact truly impressed with the staff, the food, the coffee and the atmosphere at “The Local”. I believe that if they keep doing what they are doing, they could evolve into one of Saskatoon’s most loved coffee shops. I know I will definitely be back.

Thanks for reading!


Margs xx

The Local Coffee Bar – 167 3rd Ave S., Saskatoon, Saskatchewan



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