Month: February 2014

st. valentine is my homeboy.

Valentines day has gotten quite the bad reputation. If you’re in a relationship, it is associated with pressure. If you are not in a relationship, you call it “single awareness day”. I have been there, on the pressure side and on the singles awareness side. I have both loved and

Red & White

Nothing made me more proud then putting on my red and white this morning to watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. The excitement over Sochi 2014 didn’t fully hit me until the announcers said that it would start in “a dozen minutes” (even though I knew it was only

The Local Coffee Bar

New coffee shops are popping up all over Saskatoon and slowly I am trying out each one. Today at noon, I stopped into “The Local Coffee Bar” on 3rd Street, to meet one of my best friends for lunch and coffee. “The Local” is located right in the middle of

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