Christmas – Part One

The reason this post is called “Christmas – Part One” is because Part Two is happening tomorrow when two very vital members of our family join us for the first time has an engaged couple. But the younger de Jager siblings and mom and dad, has a fantastic Christmas – Part One on the night of the 24th. Here is what it looked like. Our cabin in Panorama provides a perfect setting for Christmas photos. I think the best and most unexpected Christmas present award goes to Mom and Dad for booking my little brother and I a trip to CUBA for Reading Week 2014. Cannot wait for week in Varadero (with a side trip to Havana), with the best little brother a girl can ask for. My parents knew exactly what to do to get me out of this winter funk that this South African girl usually finds herself in around this time of the year. So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to Mom and Dad, and Little Brother!  We had some emotional, priceless gifts, along with practical gifts (socks and antislip salt). But the best part of the night was singing to old songs, new songs, being with my family and making some very special memories. Finished the night off in the hot tub with a good old fashion debate about the constellations. I am truly grateful for a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Cheers to a Fantastic Christmas-Part One, as always.

I hope everyone was able to enjoy Christmas with their family and loved ones.


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