Launch Promotion Party!

On October 26th, I officially launched Margie J Photography with a Promotional Launch Party!

It was the perfect way to give people a better look at my work, what prints are available for order, and how a typical photo shoot with me would go! It was a great success and I would like to thank everyone that came out and supported me with this new project that I am very excited about. Between the champagne and sushi, I took people down to my studio I had set up for a quick photo shoot! People were asked to bring their favourite person, pet, possession or just simply their personality! I had a lot of fun taking pictures of the people that I hold dear to my heart, it was a very rewarding experience. However, it wasn’t until I started editing the pictures that I realized how special a day it really was. I am going to need plastic surgery to wipe the smile off my face, as I have been smiling the whole time, just seeing how happy and beautiful everyone that I photographed are. I am so grateful for this opportunity. Some of the highlights were the dogs that were running around, the beautiful mother daughter friendships, and the kids that all got along so well. Here is a peak at how the day went! 












Front of Portfolio



Yours Truly

Yours Truly



Launch of Margie J

Launch of Margie J Photography



My Main Investor

Champagne Cheers with my Investor, my mom and my best friend


Thank you again everyone that made this day possible! I had an absolute blast and I can’t wait to continue doing what I love! Pictures from the mini photo shoots will be up soon in a new post, and some will also be under “Beautiful People”.

Happy Monday everyone!

Love always,

Margie J



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