“You’re Off to Great Places, Today is Your Day. Your Mountain is Waiting, So Get On Your Way!”

If you change “Mountain” to Sand dune, then this quote describes my first morning in Swakopmund!!

After a 36 hour travel day, one night of red wine and family, and a quick flight to Walvis Baai, we have reached Namibia! Flights were good, we even spent about 2 hours in Senegal! Oupa picked us up at the airport and ouma had the most amazing 5 course meal ready for us. We watched the Blue Bulls win by one point on tv, and then went for drinks at my other family’s house. My welcoming to South Africa has never been warmer!

We were picked up by the Namibian Man himself. Heather and I werent 20 mins in the door and we were drinking a Tafel Lager. We went for a walk on the beach, Sundowners at the Local Lighthouse restaurant, and got home early. Nothing beats drinking a Patio Savanna Dry watching the sunset over the Ocean. THE BEST.

Jet lag had us up early this morning. Tier, (tiger), my unlces jack russel, was getting restless and a walk was in order. I decided to get a workout in and ran ahead! Nothing like running up sand dunes to get those endorphines on a high!

I am at an internet cafe, and I think the people want to get moving, so this is a very short recap! Now to go plan the rest of the day and week!!

Until next time,


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