“Wanderlust: A Very Strong and Irresistible Impulse or Desire to Travel the World.”

It is about the time again… I am hitting the ground running tomorrow, on my way back to Africa! The night before a big trip is when the trip anxiety tends to be at its peak. I got my documents ready, my passports packed, and all my bags pretty much zipped up! This trip will be much different from my other Africa trips, as I am traveling without my family. I will be spending around 6 weeks in Namibia with my uncle Chris Bakkes, a week in Paarl, and a week in Pretoria. Thank goodness I start the first leg of my trip with a great friend of mine, Heather.

People keep asking me exactly what I am going to be doing on this trip, and frankly, I have no idea. In a direct quote from one of the few emails my uncle and I exchanged “Berei julleself voor vir vuilword en onder die sterre slaap.” which translates to “Prepare yourselves for getting dirty and sleeping under the stars”. This is the only indication I have received about the trip. Usually, having a plan is what I am all about, but this time, I am going with the flow and taking every single thing as it comes to me.

I will be blogging about my day to day activities, as well as some specific blogs on what to expect when traveling in Africa, Namibia and South Africa specific! Lots of pictures and hopefully some videos will be posted as well! Be sure to follow my twitter @margiedejager and Instagram @margiedejager for even more updates! Comment and Please ask questions. Its bound to be a thrilling ride! I’ll be up at 4am tomorrow, kicking off a 30 hour travel day.

Until next time,



See you soon, Africa. My camera and I are coming for yah!

See you soon, Africa. My camera and I are coming for yah!

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